Saddle training

Breaking in is the first working experience for the horse and that is why it is very important that it is done well. A proper basis is extremely important for the future. It is therefore a process that must take place with care.

We prepare the horse in stages to carry a saddle and a rider. We do this in a peaceful and calm manner in such a way that fight-or-flight reactions in the horse are avoided as much as possible. By relaxing, the horse indicates when it is ready for the next step.

You must come to us for at least three months in order to properly saddle train your horse. We believe this is a proper time frame, considering that you are breaking in a horse that is still young and growing. After that time, the horse is familiar with wearing a halter, the leg and rein aids in step, trot and canter. When the horse has been saddle trained, we have the future equestrian ride one time with us so that there is proper trust. After that, the horse can continue to be trained by us, if desired. Many of our saddle trained horses are currently participating in competitive sport.