Fábio & Rianne

Fábio Nunes

W. Richards

Fábio was born in the middle of Portugal and became passionate about the Lusitano horse at a young age. Starting at 14-years-old, he worked for a number of years for a bullfighter, also giving riding lessons.

In 2001, he changed jobs and started training horses for working equitation as well as dressage.

In 2003, he got the chance to work for a large breeder, Casa Cadaval. He gained a lot of experience there with saddle training and training of horses, presenting horses in-hand, putting together breeding schedules, selling horses nationally and internationally and presenting horses at competitions. He also participated in clinics by international equestrians. He rode a horse, bred by Casa Cadaval, in the APSL dressage programme. After working for eight years at Casa Cadaval, he moved to the Netherlands, where he now works with Iberian horses and started the company, “Lusitano Sport Horses”.

He also gives riding lessons at all levels and assist and advises clients in the Netherlands and Portugal.

In addition to Portuguese, Fábio also speaks English and Spanish and his Dutch continues to improve.

Rianne Verschuuren

W. Richards

Rianne was born in the south of the Netherlands and began horse riding at a young age. She came into contact with the Lusitano when she was 13-years-old, after which she became passionate about this beautiful breed. After riding Lusitanos for two years, she received a Cruzado Lusitano on her 15th birthday. With this horse, she received lessons from a Grand Prix horsewoman. She also participated in various clinics by international equestrians.

In 2004, she trained in horse management, completing internships in the first two years of the training at various competition/commercial stables in the Netherlands and the last two years in Portugal. One of those years was at the breeder, Casa Cadaval.

After her studies, she moved to Portugal and trained Lusitanos for private clients for 1.5 years. She also participated in various clinics there.

Now she has started, together with Fábio, the company, “Lusitano Sport Horses”.

In addition to Dutch, Rianne also speaks English and a little Portuguese.